Medium Risk
Sant Fost de Campsentelles 0.655
Barberà del Vallès 0.642
Palafolls 0.642

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This application is aimed to help in the analisys of risk of diverse arboviral infectious diseases that might invade and spread in Catalonia based in the scrutiny of a number of variables including particular climatic, ecological and socio economic information the region.

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ArboCat platform displays different variables and model simulation results. It is also possible to select epidemiological information at different levels and at municipality scales and visualize all the projections of potential epidemic outbreaks.

New risk forecasts for 2021 live soon!

Arbocat Project

A new platform for the prediction of autochthonous outbreaks of arboviruses in Catalonia at a municipality resolution (totalling 948 cities). ArboCat is composed by three sub-models that provide estimates of the importation rate, the basic reproduction number (R0) and a stochastic compartmental model that yields the generation time. ArboCat operationally furnishes simulated projections of the risk of autochthonous outbreaks and provides the epidemic curves for both current and future socioeconomic and climate change scenarios.

About Arboviruses

Arboviruses (arthropod-borne viruses) are viruses that are mainly transmitted by arthropods, such as mosquitoes, flies, ticks or fleas.


Access to the latest news on arboviral alerts and outbreaks.

About ISGlobal

The Barcelona Institute for Global Health was set up as a result of an innovative alliance between ”la Caixa” and academic and government institutions to contribute to the work undertaken by the international community to address global health challenges.

About ArboCat

The ArboCat platform provides a set of tools to analyse epidemiological data for simulated arboviral outbreaks. Users can simulate diverse escenarios and obtain probability distributions and temporal dynamics curves for the initial stages of the outbreak.

Collaborating Partners

The ArboCat Platform is a collective effort made possible by the collaboration of national and international partners.

Collaborating Institutions

The ArboCat Platform is a collective effort made possible by the collaboration of national and international institutions.

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